Teachers' Council


   The Teachers' Council (TC) of Sree Chaitanya College, Habra is a statutory body that comprises of all the teachers appointed in substantive posts. It is a democratic platform of the teachers where they can freely voice their opinion regarding the academics of the college. The chief concern of the TC is the academic environment and performance of the students in the University Examinations. The TC of SCC strives to groom the students for their future life in all possible ways. With this objective several committees e.g., the Exam Committee, Routine committee, Library subcommittee, Seminar Committee and the like are formed within TC to facilitate the day to day function of the college. 

   The Principal is the ex-officio President of the TC, who presides over all the meetings of TC. A Secretary is elected/selected by the members of the TC annually at its Annual General Meeting. The Teachers' Council Secretary (TCS) conducts the meetings of TC and acts as a liaison between the teachers and the administration. The TC of our college, however, doesn't restrict its activities to the preservation of the rights and obligations of the teachers, but is also involved in many other social and intellectual enterprises. To enumerate a few - the TC of SCC a seminar, on all Friday (unless there's a exam or any other institutional obligation), from 2 pm onwards. Faculties from our various departments volunteer to offer talks on the specific domain, before their fellow colleagues. The academic discussion that follows enlightens and benefits both the speaker as well as the audience. Cultural activities often form an indispensible part of the programmes that TC organizes. As elite members of the society the TC can hardly be aloof from our social commitments. A group of like-minded teachers have formed a group 'Prayash' that offers financial aid grant to the deserving but needy students. 

   The TC of SCC is proud of its annual bilingual publication, "Sampan"- where the literary aspiration of the faculty finds expression. 

   Smt Debasmita Bhattacharyya , Assistant Professor, Department of English is now the Secretary of the Teachers' Council.