Students' Union

   Students' Union is the voice of the collective opinion of the students of our college. Cultural, Social and Educational Development of the students are the chief concern of the Students' Union. It is committed to preserve the rights and obligations of the students and to make joint endeavour to foster and establish healthy relationship between teachers and students. The Students' Union considers it to be their right to express their opinion in all matters relating to the welfare of the students and the nation at large. They practise and encourage the spirit of social services among the students and are eager to create conducive environment for the development of personality of the students through sports, debates, magazine, exhibitions, social functions and others such progressive measures. 

   Every student with her/his name on the current rolls of the college is member of the SU. Each and every member has the right to participate in all the programmes of the Union, including student election. Every legitimate member has the right to vote and seek election to the offices of the union. 

   The Principal of the college is the ex-officio President of the union. The president presides over the meetings of the Executive Committee as well as the Union Council. 

   The Union Council of the students of Sree Chaitanya College, Habra consists of the elective representatives of different classes of the college, the President of the Union and the Teachers-in-charge of the different departments (recommended by the Teachers' Council). The teacher members, however, have no voting right. 

   Each class of the college elects representatives on the basis of one for every twenty five students to form the Union Council. Once elected the Union Council meets within fifteen days from the date of General Election to elect the General Secretary, the Vice-President and three Assistant Secretaries. 

   The Union Council and the Executive Committee functions for a period of one year from the date of formation or up to the end of the Union Session, whichever is earlier. 

   The Union Fund comprises of 60% of Session Charge realised from the students. The Students' Union Fund is operated jointly by the President and the General Secretary or the Vice-President of the Union