Governing Body of the college

   As per rules of the UGC affiliated and Government-aided general (non-trust/non-missionary/non-government) College, Sree Chaitanya College, Habra is run under an Elected Governing Body (GB), composed of the representatives of Teachers, Non-Teaching Staff, and other nominated members from the Education Department of the State Government and affiliating University. The General Secretary (GS) of the Students' Union (SU) is also a member. The Principal is the Secretary and ex-officio member of the GB. At its first meeting, every new GB elects its President. 

   The GB is the employer of all the staff - teaching and non-teaching - and enjoys autonomy in terms of running the College, according to University Statutes and Government Rules/Orders. The GB is responsible for all development activities in the College. The decision of the GB in terms of College Administration is final. The GB has many Committees, e.g. finance committee, development committee etc. The Principal, as the Secretary of the GB, implements the GB's decisions in day-to-day College Administration and reports from time to time about all the important matters regarding the College to the GB. 

   The teachers, including the Principal, are appointed by the GB on the basis of recommendation from the West Bengal College Service Commission (WBCSC). All the Non-Teaching Staff are recruited directly by the GB.