Code of Conduct for Students


1. Students enrolled in College must be aware of their responsibilities to this college, to the teachers, to the officials and to fellow students, bearing in mind the prestige and reputation of the institution. Failure in maintaining appropriate standard of conduct, decency and decorum will invite severe punishment. 
2. Students will have to attend classes regularly. At least 75% attendance is required for each student to appear in the university examination. 
3. It is mandatory for all the students to attend college festivals and other scheduled events of the college. 
4. Students should not carry mobile phone or any other electronic device for communication in the class room, seminar hall, library, examination hall or in any other place of academic interest within the college premises. 
5. A minimum percentage of attendance in classes is a necessary criterion for the students to be considered as eligible to sit for any examination conducted by the college, such as Unit Test, Annual Examination, Test Examination etc.




. Disruption of classroom activities or hindering the learning of other students, anywhere in the college. 
. Cheating in assignments and examinations. 
. Behaviour which affects significantly the normal functioning of the college.